Ballad Offers A Sweet Sip Of Soul With 'Lemonade'

Photo Credit: Jay Muse

We always love when we have new music from Ballad. The singer-songwriter has a way with a love song that makes each one special. This happened the last time we checked in with him on "Read Your Mind," and it happens again with his newest single, "Lemonade."

The song gets right to it, kicking off with the soft and sensual chorus. "Ooh, you're so smooth," he sings. "You are sweet / Like a glass of / Lemonade." The production, meanwhile, dances behind his vocal as mellow synths wave and drums gingerly mark the time. It propels the song just enough for Ballad to let his lover know what's on his mind. "So sweet when I taste you on my lips / So sweet like Georgia peach / You're what I need / I get beside myself," he sings like a man in need of another taste.

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"Lemonade" is just the latest from the singer, who previously released his single "Orange" earlier this year. Does this mean that he's got a new project in the works? We can only hope so. While we wait to see what else he has in store, get ready for a refreshing taste of soul when you listen to "Lemonade" below.

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