August Rosenbaum & Coco O. Mesmerize Us With 'Seconds'

Photo Credit: August Rosenbaum/Facebook | Coco O./Facebook

August Rosenbaum and Coco O. have been working together ever since they were teenagers. In fact, August joined Coco on the road during her Quadron days as she toured the world and was a prominent contributor on her recent effort It's A Process. So it's only right that the songstress lends her voice to his upcoming effort Songs People Together. She does just that with the set's new single "Seconds."

"Seconds" is a quiet, slow-paced groove perfectly crafted to Coco's brand of soul. With a metronome-like beat keeping the pace, piano and electronic bass fill the rest of the icy cool soundscape and set the stage for Coco's vocal.

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She, of course, rises to the occasion with crisp lead vocals and layered backgrounds that take the song's simple structure to another. "Seconds to borderline / Can't solve this equation / Workin' on overtime / To find inspiration," she speaks on the chorus. "Seconds to borderline / But save this relation / Dancing in half time / To get your attention." Elsewhere on the track, she sings of falling in love and how it can change things.

Songs People Together won't only feature Coco, as August has called in features from friends like Philip Owusu, Moses Boyd, Emi Wes and others to round out the set's sound. We'll find out what the album has to offer when it arrives on October 21st. But first, get into the latest collaboration between August Rosenbaum and Coco O. when you listen to "Seconds" below.

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