Alexia Jayy Is Ready For Love On 'I Need A Man'

Photo Credit: Mackinley L. Madhere/Spex Photography

Soulful songstress Alexia Jayy has got next. With superstars like Chris Brown, Jazmine Sullivan and Muni Long cheering her on and singing her praises, that's an easy claim to make. Thankfully, the Alabama native lives up to the hype and shows that she’s ready for the world – and for real love – with her latest single “I Need A Man.”  

Alexia doesn’t mince words on this sultry ballad co-written with James “Jay Lyriq” Cohen. She is beyond ready for her soulmate and conveys it through powerful, compelling vocals. “Say I need a man (I want you, I want you) / Oooh, I need a man (I want you, nothing like a man) / Ladies, can you feel me? (I'm so f**king ready) / Tell 'em you need a man (I want you) / Oh, a man, oh, a man, yeah, yeah (I’m so f**king ready for a man),” she boldly declares on the chorus, which opens the song. 

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While she may be impatient, she's not stupid. Her dream guy has got to come correct if he expects to win her heart. “(I need a man) One who he don’t play bout me / We on the same frequency / I don’t have to worry if he’s lying or he’s cheating / Or he’s staying or he’s leaving,” she croons. Alexia refuses to settle; she knows what she wants and she’s manifesting it. 

The bar has been raised and the days of settling, side chicks and late-night "WYD" texts are gone. If it’s not giving faithful, loving, protector vibes, let it go. If it is, let him know and lock it down. Thank you for coming to Alexia Jayy’s TED Talk. 

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The catchy track with production by Abraham Poythress, a sound bed with guitar and snare as its foundation and Alexia's robust vocals is giving us the soulful R&B we love, need and want. We are head nodding, body rolling and topping it off with a stank face as we listen to it on repeat. 

Alexia Jayy is an artist to watch and one to put into heavy rotation. Dive into her latest single “I Need A Man” below. If you want more Alexia Jayy – which we know you will – stream her first two singles, “Who Raised You” and “It Ain’t Easy,” and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok for more music. 

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