Alex Vaughn Needs An Ex To Keep Her Name Out Of Their Mouth On 'Talkin'

Photo Credit: Alex Vaughn/Twitter

Most of us hope to end relationships on good terms. Ideally, the conclusion of a romance should reflect the respect and admiration shared previously between you and your one-time significant other. However, some lack the maturity it takes to bow out gracefully and seek to ensure that they come out on top when the tale of the failed romance is rehashed. Singer-songwriter Alex Vaughn shares her experience with the loose lips of her ex-lover on her latest single “Talkin.”

Over the Camper-produced trap soul track, the DMV native delivers a stern but succinct read after hearing some things through the grapevine. “Now I won't stoop to your level / Let's pull out receipts / Boy, you know I've got several / But I don't wanna play your games,” she warns.

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Vaughn doesn't mince words on 'Talkin," breaking it down like a fraction with the lyric, "If you not talkin' to me, don't start talkin' bout me, yeah." Her delivery may sound sweet, but she isn't the one to be played with.

Described as “an open moment to check her ex on what the facts really are with a reminder to keep quiet,” in just under two minutes she chooses the high road, opting not to expose her ex while making it clear that they don't want these problems. Without disclosing the details of the affair nor its demise, her melodic warning shot is sure to shut down any further discord where she and her ex are concerned. 

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"Talkin" follows Alex's single "Mirage" and her riveting EP Voice Notes and sets the tone for her next EP The Hurtbook. The new project is set for release on LVRN/Interscope Records this fall. While we await more details and a release date, press play below to hear Alex Vaughn set her ex straight and sing along with the lyric video. Add “Talkin’” to your playlists from your preferred digital music platform.

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