Tink Gets Glamorous As She Protects Her Peace In 'I Choose Me'

Photo Credit: Tink/YouTube

Tink had more than a few things to say on her latest release Pillow Talk. The album finds her getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to matters of the heart (and being quite frank in doing so, we might add). That's also been the case when it comes to the set's music videos like "Goofy" and "Cater." She continues on that path with "I Choose Me" while also injecting a bit of timeless glamour into the proceedings.

The video is filmed in a hazy black and white, recalling classic movies in its appearance. Tink, meanwhile, looks quite alluring in unique pieces throughout the clip. We first see her in a sophisticated black leotard look that's accentuated with sleek black thigh-high stockings and a leather bolero hat cocked to one side. It's a look that fits in with the more sophisticated side she's been showing in recent visuals. She also catches our eyes in a shimmering fringed number and in scenes where she rocks a luxurious white fur coat that her silky locks spill over.

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As amazing as she looks, however, she still manages to convey the hurt and pain she sings of in the song convincingly as scenes of her performance are intercut with others of her man throwing bands at the strip club. Though it makes us sad that anyone would think to break a beauty like Tink's heart, we can find solace in the lyrics she sings on the song's chorus: "I choose me now / I choose me now / I choose me / Ain't nothin' worth more than my peace."

With audiences having known Tink since she was a rough and ready (and very capable) protégé of Timbaland, it's quite wonderful to witness the singer/rapper showing us another side. Get into Tink's moving portrayal of heartbreak and stunning fashion in the video for "I Choose Me" when you press play.

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