THEY. & Bino Rideaux Have The Remedy If You're Feeling 'Lonely'

Photo Credit: Jake Bzowski

Los Angeles duo THEY. continue to set the vibes for summer with the release of their third single of the year entitled “Lonely.” The airy, acoustic-laden track features rapper Bino Rideaux and tells the tale of a suitor who is dead set on being the company the lady of his desire deserves.

Without making things weird or applying too much pressure, singer Drew Love clearly states his intentions on the chorus. “Ain't got to be lonely, lonely, lonely / You know what I got waiting for you / However you want it, want it, I got it / You know there's nothing I wouldn't do,” he tenderly declares. While this latest release is a bit breezier than their previously released singles "Blü Moon" and "Comfortable," THEY. don’t sway too far from the catchy melodies and relatable lyrics that have become their signature.

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The switch up from Love and his partner Dante Jones was a deliberate move. “A departure from the darkness of ‘Blü Moon’ and ‘Comfortable,' ‘Lonely’ has an upbeat, west coast bounce to it, which is a vibe we’ve always loved but hadn’t really tapped into before," the duo shared about their inspiration. "It has this late-night kickback feel, making it the perfect record to cap off the summer.”

That late-night, warm weather energy is captured in the "Lonely" visualizer where we watch the duo vibe out and kick it with a car full of friends. As the car rotates, so do different people as they appear and disappear from the vehicle.

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THEY. have hinted at more music and possibly a full project to come from their direction. “The song sets the tone perfectly for what’s coming next from us,” the duo has teased. They've confirmed that an official music video is on the way, but for now, play "Lonely" and peep the visualizer (where you can also learn the lyrics) below.

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