Summer Walker Adds Her Perspective About Being Friends With Benefits To The Weeknd's 'Best Friend (Remix)'

Photo Credit: The Weeknd/Instagram | Summer Walker/Instagram

Despite their busy summer schedules, the stars have aligned for The Weeknd and Summer Walker to come together for an unexpected collaboration. The Weeknd asked Summer to bring a woman's perspective to the remix of “Best Friends,” a cut from his latest album Dawn FM about a friends with benefits situationship.

The Weeknd makes it clear that he's cool with the scenario in his verse, which remains unchanged from the original. Summer chimes in with a newly added verse to let him know that their arrangement won’t work since they previously tried respecting boundaries and failed. 

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"Tryna turn the time back / Keep it as a friendship, we already tried that / When you gonna face it? / We’re on the other side / Know too much already / Don’t wanna fake it, fake it," Summer sings, as sweet and enticing as can be, hoping that he sees things her way. 

The Weeknd and Summer’s voices blend surprisingly well together on "Best Friends (Remix)," and her contribution here sounds deliberate and not like an afterthought. As good as they sound on the remix, we hope that it isn't the last time that they appear on a record together.

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Listen to The Weeknd and Summer Walker's musical chemistry on "Best Friends (Remix)" below.

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