The Ton3s Show That They've 'Got So Much Love'

Photo Credit: The Ton3s/YouTube

The Ton3s are on track to have their best year ever. After changing their name from The Hamiltones a few months ago, things have only been going up for the trio. They released their latest album We Are The Ton3s, embarked on a successful concert tour and dropped the singles "Better" and "Got So Much Love" – all within the first six months of 2022. The Ton3s aren't taking their foot off the gas for the second half of the year either with the release of the music video for "Got So Much Love."

After going minimalist in the visual for "Better," The Ton3s deliver more of a narrative this time around. Director J. Inez opens with a woman receiving a dozen red roses on her doorstep. She reads the card attached, which borrows its sentiment from the song's lyrics. "I'm so sorry, baby. I've got so much love for you. Be ready by 5:30," the apologetic message from her man reads.

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He makes amends by spending some quality time with his lady outside in the fresh air and under the sun. While the curly-haired couple is busy canoodling and enjoying each other in the cargo bed of his pickup truck, we see scenes of The Ton3s performing the song with their full band also in the great outdoors.

When the fellas sing their individual parts, they each get their own solo shots. First up is J. Vito, who sings his verse in front of a lake. For Tony Lelo's verse, he croons his heart out on a swing. 2E takes things home by singing the bridge by a wooden fence with the sun setting behind him.

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There's no slowing The Ton3s down. There are a few more single-worthy tracks on We Are The Ton3s, so we're sure this video isn't the last time we'll hear from them before the year is done. Until they decide to bless us with their next single, fall in love with the video for "Got So Much Love" below.

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