The Isley Brothers Are Joined By Beyoncé For A Revamped Version Of 'Make Me Say It Again, Girl'

Photo Credit: The Isley Brothers/Facebook | Beyoncé/Instagram

The Isley Brothers are undeniable legends with a career that spans nearly seven decades and countless hits. But what happens when old-school kings partner with a modern-day queen? Well, we find out today as The Isley Brothers and Beyoncé — who is kinda having a moment right now, if you haven't noticed — have joined forces to revamp the group's 1975 classic "Make Me Say It Again, Girl."

The original track has been a quiet storm staple thanks to its silky-smooth instrumentation and Ronald Isley's velvet vocal. For this recreation, the group mostly decides that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Rather than reimagine the song, they instead give us an almost note-for-note remake. The only thing that actually changes is the addition of Beyoncé.

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Bey's vocal adds a bit of texture as the song becomes a duet. She and Ronald trade verses and lines throughout as she alone injects a few extra ad-libs and harmonies to adorn the already beautiful song. Beyoncé is an amazing vocalist, so she knows how to sing along without stepping in the way. However, with the song so perfect before this version, we must ask why this new take was needed (outside of the obvious appeal to a younger generation, of course).

This version of "Make Me Say It Again, Girl" will be featured on an upcoming album from The Isley Brothers that is set to release this September. Though an exact date nor a title has been given, we have a sneaking suspicion that an announcement will be coming sooner rather than later. While we wait, listen to The Isley Brothers and Beyoncé make sweet music together when you press play.

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