Sudan Archives Lets Her Freak Flag Fly In 'NBPQ (Topless)'

Photo Credit: Sudan Archives/YouTube

Sudan Archives has been giving us fly jams and visuals all year — and that was before she announced that her new album Natural Brown Prom Queen would be arriving soon. Now that the cat's out of the bag, she's putting her foot on the gas with the video for the album title track of sorts "NBPQ (Topless)."

Sudan aims to embody the chorus of "NBPQ (Topless)" — on which she chants "I'm not average" repeatedly — to the next-next-next level. Like the visual for "Home Maker," the singer/songwriter/violinist revels in color, patterns and her out there ghetto-fabulosity to express her daring vision. We see her in a host of looks (with quite a few just in the video's beginning moments) as she takes us deeper into a Wonderland fever dream while she touches on colorism and body image issues with her clever lyrics.

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Elsewhere, the star gets cheeky (at times literally) with widely imaginative moments that include her trampolining on a field of plump, bouncy booties and riding a zebra that's walking on a treadmill. But the clip's best and most memorable moment comes at the end. We see her playing violin while sitting upon a gold throne while dancers and moments from previous scenes are mirrored on either side of her, showing her claiming her place among all the chaos.

"NBPQ (Topless)" is just as trippy as we'd imagine a Sudan Archives video would be while still managing to exceed our expectations. Surprisingly, we don't think she's done blowing our minds just yet. We'll see what other visuals spring from her mind when Natural Brown Prom Queen arrives on September 9th.

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