Smoko Ono & Samm Henshaw Invite You To 'Pull Up' On A Good Time

Photo Credit: Nolis Anderson | Samm Henshaw/Instagram

This summer has been a hot one that found us packing dance floors and sweating our cares away. Sadly, the end of the season draws nearer and nearer by the day. That doesn't mean we can't party until everything cools down again, though. Chicago producer/DJ Smoko Ono and Bounce-Worthy Brit Samm Henshaw have come together to give us one more summer jam with their collaboration "Pull Up."

"Pull Up" pulls in elements of funk, disco and R&B to call us to the dance floor one mo' gin with a sweet bass groove, sticky rhythm guitar, ticking drums and a smooth melody. Smoko Ono provides the groove, but it's Samm Henshaw who gives it soul with his one-of-a-kind rasp.

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"So let’s pull up on the westside for a flex vibe ya / No stress just a low top, sit back watch the sunrise," he commands on the refrain. "Told her pull up with her homies keep it lowkey ya / Roll one yea that’s on me yea, no rush sip it slowly."

Though the chorus might seem upbeat, the actual verse mixes a bit of heartbreak into the celebration. "I guess this moment seems perfect, at least for now 'til it worsens," Samm sings on the first verse. "Sittin by the bay, probably wish it never came to this / Your eyes the tell me it’s over, it's fine and I don’t need closure / We’re on a different page, think it’s time we got away from this." He doesn't dwell in that place much there, however, how the song makes sure to get back to the chorus as often as it can to keep the party going.

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We might be pulling up closer to our last dance with Summer 2022, but it looks like Smoko Ono and Samm Henshaw are making sure that it'll be one to remember. Listen to "Pull Up" below and stick around to catch its lyric video.

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