Sidibe Exposes Us To Another Sensual Take With 'Diamond In The Desert (Stripped)'

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Instagram

We really don't deserve Sidibe. The singer-songwriter has proven she exemplifies the title of her recent EP Diamond In The Desert time and time again with her undeniable talent and beautiful body of work. One of our favorite things she does is release "stripped" versions of her singles, and she continues that tradition by offering us "Diamond In The Desert (Stripped)."

We sang the praises of the original version of "Diamond In The Desert" when it first arrived and much of what we said still stands. Her voice is a vessel of vulnerable sensuality that floats through the speakers and wafts in the air like an enticing fragrance. However, this time Sidibe makes different choices in inflection and tone, making this stripped version almost seem like a brand-new song altogether.

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We also can't discount the instrumentation here. An acoustic guitar anchors the melody, playing like constant ripples across an otherwise serene pond. It's a hypnotizing element that lulls the listener in while other instruments and Sidibe's own stacked and layered vocal enchant us like only she can.

If she remains true to her previous output, we can expect more stripped versions of Diamond In The Desert's songs to come our way. Join us in anticipation as you listen to "Diamond In The Desert (Stripped)" below.

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