serpentwithfeet Shoots His Shot With A Dance Groove On 'I'm Pressed'

Photo Credit: serpentwithfeet/Instagram

serpentwithfeet has been a musical force to be reckoned with since he stepped on the scene in 2016. Though you might know him best for collaborations with Alex Isley and Sampha, he's got his own thing going on, too, with projects like last year's album Deacon and its follow-up EP Deacon's Grove. Now he's back with his first new solo music of 2022 with his single "I'm Pressed."

"I'm Pressed" doesn't waste much time getting started. The opening strains sound like we might be going into slow jam territory. That thought is quickly dashed as the programmed claps and hi-hats kick in, though, as the quickly approaches house and Baltimore club territory. Before the track kicks into high gear, serpentwithfeet sets up the premise of the song, singing, "I heard about your ex, but he not nasty as me / Said he left you lonely, when he should've left you pleased / How could he take you for granted? / What's his sign? I can't stand it."

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While many wouldn't want to seem so interested, the singer isn't worried about that as much as he is about getting the one he wants. But he's not just in it for the pleasure, with him intimating on the refrain, "I never ever wanna see you, boo-hoo, crying / I'm gon' always treat you good-ood, good, good."

"I'm Pressed" has as much heart as it does the ability to make you move thanks to its undeniable rhythm. Does it mean that the singer-songwriter has something new for us in the near future? That remains to be seen. While we ponder what could be next, listen to serpentwithfeet make his move when you press play.

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