Seinabo Sey Is Ready To Let Go With 'Swim Away'

Photo Credit: Seinabo Sey/Instagram

We're very happy that Seinabo Sey has returned to us. The Bounce-Worthy Swedish singer hit us with a double dose in June with her single "Blessed" and its B-side "Black Star." Now she's back once more and brought her brand-new track "Swim Away."

"Swim Away" is all about letting go, and Seinabo makes it sound smooth like only she can. The song is buoyed by a piano melody that's soft and gentle as she goes deep on the lyrical tip. She discusses what seems to be the end of a relationship with a calm resignation as she accepts what life has dealt her. She sings, "The feelings there, but the love is gone / We used it up, but it went on and on / Rivers gotta flow, they do it every day / I swim away my worries swim them all away."

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In the video, the songstress shows off her many facets as she embodies different women over the course of a night. She switches up almost everything about herself, from her hair to her dress to something as subtle as her nails and earrings.

Her embodiment of all the characters speaks to a lyric in the song's bridge where she sings, "Look at me / I’m someone / Look at us / We’re one above the sun / Show them how we get wild / Tell them they can leave you here, my child / Don’t think you worry about the same things."

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"Swim Away" is definitely a statement piece that showcases the beauty and complications that life brings. But when it's Seinabo Sey, you come to expect that kind of quality. Stream "Swim Away" in full when you press play and then catch the song's creative visual below.

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