Ro James Gets Freaky Deaky In ‘Touchy Feely’

Photo Credit: Ro James/YouTube

Ro James seems to be making up for lost time. Just last month, he dropped the video for his MANTIC track “Too Much.” Apparently, that was just the start of the singer dropping brand-new videos from the 2020 project. Case in point, he’s back again with a video for the steamy track “Touchy Feely.”

Given the subject of “Touchy Feely,” which tells the story of an impromptu threesome, we knew that a visual for the track had the potential to get racy. What we didn’t know was that our boy Ro would get damn near pornographic with it. He does just that in the clip as we open with him bathed in red light while enjoying a bubble bath.

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Despite the setting, we don’t really see much in the way of skin from the singer. We do, however, see plenty of skin from his co-stars, who are featured in lacy bras, panties and nothing else. Oh, and in this case, we really do mean “nothing else.” One dancer in particular steals the show as she bares (and jiggles and shakes) it all as sly camera angles, shading and the occasional graphic stop this from being too hot for YouTube (though it is probably more than a little NSFW).

We’re no prudes here at SBHQ, but even our glasses got a little steamed up from such a freaky-deaky display. That being said, we’re going to run this one back for…umm…research purposes. If you also want to take a look, then you can press play below and watch Ro James and friends get “Touchy Feely,” too.

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