Rainy Milo Wants You To Count & Not Block Your 'Blessings'

Photo Credit: Rainy Milo/YouTube

It's been a minute since we've heard from Rainy Milo, but, like many artists, she's emerging from the pandemic with new music. Much to the delight of her fans, the British singer, songwriter and actress ends her recording hiatus with her new single "Blessings."

Penned by Rainy, the song's producer C.S.O.M. Beats and Randell Price, "Blessings" is all about counting and not blocking them. She begins the song by letting someone know not to take her for granted. "You better watch it when you're talking to me," she gently admonishes. By the chorus, though, she takes on a more encouraging tone. "I think it's time to start counting your blessings / I think it's time to stop hiding from magic," Rainy sings over the laid-back groove of synths, guitar and a steady beat. "You better act like who you really are / Gonna get it if you move like you are."

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In the video for "Blessings," director Tajana Tokyo and co-director/cinematographer Chris Paul Thompson capture Rainy Milo on location in a scenic area of Southern California. Rainy is quite fetching in numerous beauty shots and fashion looks with nature as her backdrop. In addition to the outdoor scenes, there are scenes inside a photographer's studio where we really get to see her work it for the camera like a professional model.

Rainy Milo's return with "Blessings" is a beautiful surprise. This song is a welcome addition to our self-care soundtracks when we need a little encouragement or a reminder to be thankful for what we've got. We encourage you to let Rainy Milo bless you when you get into her audio and visual "Blessings" below

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