Pip Millett Shows A Sexier Side With 'Slow'

Photo Credit: Pip Millett/YouTube

We've had a sense that British singer-songwriter Pip Millett had something brewing after she dropped her singles "Downright" and "Ride With Me" earlier this year. Now we know that she has her debut album When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know on the way. We'll have to wait a little longer to get that body of work, but we don't have to wait for her newest single "Slow."

"Slow" is a different feel for Pip, as the song picks up the pace a bit with a percussion-driven beat that almost sounds like a dance track. It doesn't quite get to the club, though, thanks to the addition of acoustic guitar and more subdued chords that keep it a little more chilled out.

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It's a nice palette for Pip's vocal as she describes what could be a clandestine relationship kept in private. "Can you be, I know you / Do you know I love it when you’re laying down on me? / Yes you can hold my hand / Baby you’re not my secret, I give you this kiss and you can keep it," she sings.

The song's chorus is simple, opting with Pip's sped-up vocal describing how she wants to be loved, singing, "I like it slow / I want it slow / Just another kiss, Just a just another kiss and go / I like it slow / I want it slow / Just another kiss and then I’m out the door."

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As sexy as the song feels, the video manages to up the ante. In it, we see Pip and her handsome leading man got closer and more romantic around the house in gorgeous black and white. They share embraces, kisses and glances while showing off an intimacy that's quite alluring. Surprisingly, things don't really go much further, but their closeness along with the song's groove makes it feel as if we've witnessed something very hot and heavy.

"Slow" is another winner from Pip Millett and has us anxious for her upcoming debut. We'll get When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know on October 21st. But you can listen to slow right now and watch its sexy video when you press play below.

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