OSHUN Has Love On The Brain With 'Kali'

Photo Credit: Noah Bility

OSHUN proved themselves a musical force to be reckoned with when they dropped their debut bittersweet vol. 1. Since then, the duo has been keeping that momentum going with collaborations with fellow artists like Lion Babe and working on their upcoming follow-up vol. 2. Throughout 2022, they've been releasing new music and they've caught our attention with their latest single "Kali."

Though "Kali" is mostly soft and sweet, it immediately grabs the ear. That's thanks in part to its constant kalimba melody that lures listeners in like a lullaby. They blend that with claps, drums and vocal samples that make this one hard to shake.

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Lyrically, the ladies have love on the brain from the song's outset, with them singing in harmony, "Is it too early to be thinking bout a crib, babe? / Is it too early to be thinking bout our kids, baby? / I’m not afraid if not you afraid." The song's verses further elaborate how they're feeling, with Niambi singing of a sensual interaction with references to the ocean and flowing waters. Her sister Thandiwe gets a little more frank, though, as she tells her man exactly what she wants from him and commands him to seal the deal and make her his wife.

"Kali" is a strong effort from the duo and has us anxious to hear what vol. 2 will sound like and when a release date will be announced. While we wait on pins and needles to know that information, listen to OSHUN's latest when you press play.

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