KYLE Wants You To Know He's Over It On 'I Literally Never Think About You'

Photo Credit: KYLE/Instagram

Our guy KYLE has been a busy, busy boy in 2022. The rapper/singer has dropped his album It's Not So Bad, which featured his groovy track "Perfect," at the top of the year and then followed up with his single "Carefree" in March. Now he's back yet again with something new, this time dropping off his song "I Literally Never Think About You."

"I Literally Never Think About You," if you can't tell by the title, is a kiss-off anthem told from KYLE's perspective as he addresses a toxic ex that still has him on the brain. "You see me / Hoppin' out the coupe, spaceship doors (Yup) / Now you see me in fancy clothes (Yup) / Rocking s**t that you can't afford (Yup)," he tells of his life post-breakup over the electronic shuffle of the groove as it wraps around a vocal and guitar sample. "Looking at your TV like- / Can't believe he's in this show (Yup) / Now you wanna come text me."

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But it's the chorus where his thoughts coolly crystalize into one nonchalant blow to his ex's ego. "You still think that I dream about you / But there's no place in my brain about you (Not at all) / That's why I don't complain about you (Not at all) / I swear I'll never think about you," he sings matter-of-factly.

KYLE hasn't let on whether "I Literally Never Think About You" is part of something greater or just a loosie for his fans. Either way, it's a smooth track to cut a two-step to while stunting on your ex (or anyone else who you aren't paying any mind). Get into the artist's latest when you press play.

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