Jordan Hawkins Is Sure To Impress With His 'Super Power'

Photo Credit: Jordan Hawkins/Instagram

Jordan Hawkins is a fresh face on the music scene, and he's most definitely making waves. His talents have served him well behind the scenes, but he's been stepping into the spotlight more and more since 2019, releasing a bevy of singles and two EPs — last year's Heart Won't Stop and this year's Live From Ursula Ave. However, it's his most recent single "Super Power" that's really making waves.

"Super Power" has all the classic hallmarks of a sultry R&B track. Slinky guitar? Check. Pillow-y layered backing vocals? Check. Thinly veiled sexual innuendo? Triple check. But Jordan brings a noticeable edge to the proceedings thanks to his raspy vocal, which seems more likely to be found in rock songs, and an electric guitar ready to shred through the silky feel of the arrangement's other elements.

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This is especially true of the chorus, where Jordan sings with fiery conviction about the hold his lover has on him. "This grip is a superpower, oh superpower / Lasso me and knock me out," he wails. "Your grip is a superpower, oh superpower / Lately I can’t do without."

If the recorded version wows you, just wait until you see him do it live for COLORS Studios. The singer delivers a star-making performance of the track for the ongoing series, stepping out onto the apple-green stage with just a guitar and his talent as he sings. He sings with a noticeable passion throughout, but it's when he hits the chorus that he truly goes off, growling into the microphone as he sings before going wild on his green electric guitar.

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If you're not already up on Jordan Hawkins, we suggest you start by listening to "Super Power" when you press play below then sticking around to see him in his full glory in his COLORS performance.

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