John Legend & Saweetie Get This Dance In 'All She Wanna Do'

Photo Credit: John Legend/YouTube

John Legend is on a mission to make people move on his upcoming double album LEGEND. Not since his Evolver album, which was led by the Andre 3000-featuring banger "Green Light," has he hit fans with jams that make folks want to shake a little something. But like 3 Stacks said, "Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes," and John has stepped from behind his grand piano to join Saweetie and a few dancers in the visual for his latest single "All She Wanna Do."

Legend and Saweetie are up to some sneaky business in the Christian Breslauer-directed clip. The crooner and the rapper take turns surprising dancers, who unbeknownst to them aren't at a casting call but are at the actual music video shoot for "All She Wanna Do." While the dancers give their all and then some during their auditions on the vibrantly decorated set, John and Saweetie pop into the room to give them the shock of their lives on the gig of a lifetime.

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"All She Wanna Do" is the third single from LEGEND following "Dope" and "Honey" featuring Muni Long. John Legend is three for three so far with new songs, and we're confident that there'll be more music that we'll fall in love with on the super-sized 24-track collection. We won't have to wait much longer to find out because LEGEND will be released on Friday, September 9th.

Get into the groove and get this dance with John Legend and Saweetie in the video for "All She Wanna Do" below, and stick around to view some behind-the-scenes fun.

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