Jessie Ware Offers A Religious Experience In 'Free Yourself'

Photo Credit: Jessie Ware/YouTube

This is the summer of dance, with many artists delving into the genre and its many subgenres as the hot days wane on and on. That includes Jessie Ware, whose upbeat anthem "Free Yourself" has gotten pulses climbing and booties shaking on the dance floor since its release. Now she's taking it to another level with the song's visual.

Decked out in flowing red silk that billows in dramatic fashion, Jessie leads an eclectic congregation of followers in the clip. They are hanging on every word of her lyrics, stripping out of dreary black numbers to reveal brightly colored and ornate outfits that better express their freedom. They also dance with abandon to the song's joyful rhythm as the singer whirls along with them as the song builds to its climax.

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Things get pretty wild in the clip as well, with Jessie literally letting her flag fly in the face of so-called "normalcy" as she encourages all to embrace our freedom. The clip then ends with a vision of the singer lying nude on a formal dining table as the revelers sit around her like an updated version of the last supper.

If you're loving Jessie Ware as a dance floor diva as much as we are, then make sure to watch her preach the gospel of self-expression when you press play below.

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