Jessie Reyez Has Some Scathing Words For An Ex In ‘MUTUAL FRIEND’

Photo Credit: Jessie Reyez/YouTube

Hell hath no fury like Jessie Reyez scorned. Take it from us, you don’t want to get on the singer-songwriter’s bad side, lest you wind up the subject of a song like “FRAUD” or her latest single “MUTUAL FRIEND.” After calling out an ex-boyfriend for his wicked ways on “FRAUD,” Jessie doubles down on the disdain on “MUTUAL FRIEND.”

Jessie’s ex checks up on her through the eponymous mutual friend who relays the message that he wants to converse and apologize to her. However, that dog won’t hunt, and Jessie makes it abundantly clear that she’s not going for it. “Our mutual friend / Don’t know that you’re too self-serving / But I do and that’s why your words don’t mean s**t / And guess what? / This heartbreak has morphed into hate / And you should be grateful that I didn’t hurt you back,” she sings, meaning every single word.

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Her vocals start off calmly before increasing in intensity, letting us know just how she feels about her ex over a haunting, symphonic sound bed of upright bass and strings. The versatility and strength of her voice are evident in this song as she adroitly adapts and changes up her style to reflect her emotions. 

Reyez acts out some of her emotions in the music video for “MUTUAL FRIEND.” Directed by Peter Huang and produced by Jeff So, the scene is set in an older, well-maintained house where Jessie is joined by several women, who are all dressed in black. The women perform modern dance moves in various rooms while our leading lady sings in the bedroom perched atop the bed or engages with the dancers in some choreography in the middle of the living room.

Initially dressed in all black as well, Jessie later appears in a white dress in another room surrounded by overgrown foliage as she declares how happy she is without her ex. Her girls then help her celebrate being free of the relationship while the living room turns into a rave as the video ends.  

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In addition to dropping the new single and video, Reyez recently graced Jimmy Kimmel Live! (guest hosted by David Allen Grier that night) to perform “MUTUAL FRIEND.” She was supported by a full string section while she was the main focus centerstage and proceeded to sound simply amazing singing live.

We don’t know who hurt her, but Jessie Reyez is back in a big way with “MUTUAL FRIEND” and “FRAUD.” Both tracks will be on her upcoming sophomore album entitled YESSIE, which will be released on Friday, September 16th. While she puts the finishing touches on the project, get into “MUTUAL FRIEND” right here and be sure to stay in her good graces.

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