James Vickery Gives Us 'The Reason' For His Return

Photo Credit: James Vickery/Instagram

It seems like it was just last summer that James Vickery had us in our feels with his lush effort Songs That Made Me Feel. And that would be because it was. Apparently, the British singer-songwriter isn't one to rest on his laurels, though, as he's already back with his new single "The Reason."

If you took a listen to Songs That Made Me Feel, then you already know that James has an ear for classic R&B sounds. "The Reason" fits into his oeuvre quite nicely. The song finds him crafting a slow-burning groove filled with finger snaps, guitar and faint, lingering chords that set the mood for a romantic jam with designs on ending up in the bedroom.

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James helps sustain that mood with a vocal that cribs a bit from D'Angelo's phrasing as he appreciates his woman and all that she does for him. "Every little thing you do / Makes me feel so warm inside," he sings on the opening verse. "In the kitchen slow dancing / We're alone tonight."

It's the chorus, however, that brings the full sentiment of the song home as he sings, "You are the reason I wake every morning / 'Cause it's the only thing that gets me by / You are my world and you keep it revolving / And all my worries are then gone by night."

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Along with releasing "The Reason," James Vickery has been dropping hints on his socials that the single is the first thing that we're hearing from an upcoming project. Though he left out what exactly that project is or when we can expect it, you'd better believe that we're keeping an eye out for any news he wants to give. If you missed James during his brief hiatus, join us in listening to "The Reason" when you press play.

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