The Stars Align For Jade Novah On 'Moon In Pisces'

Photo Credit: Tim Caver

Jade Novah serenaded us for the better part of a year, dropping singles on a consistent basis since the October 2021 release of her song "I Just Wanna Know." Though she was tight-lipped about what was coming next at first, we figured that a new project was on the horizon. Now that project, the short-but-sweet EP Moon In Pisces, is here for us to enjoy.

If you've been paying attention to Jade's output over the past year, then the majority of the six-song EP will be familiar to you. The aforementioned "I Just Wanna Know" makes the cut, as do singles "Trip," "Lost In You" and the Kenyon Dixon-featuring "Rollercoaster." But don't go thinking you've heard it all before as Jade makes sure to include two previously unheard tracks to pique our interest.

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"Who Are You" is a moody groove based around a jazzy bass line that finds the singer-songwriter cutting ties with a beau she no longer feels she knows. Meanwhile, "The Silence" finds her back in ballad territory as her voice is accompanied by guitar and synth. The song touches on the vulnerable moments that can make or break a relationship as the silences hold a multitude of thoughts unvoiced.

After releasing full-length albums All Blue in 2018 and Stages in 2020, there's something beautiful about the economy of songs featured on Moon In Pisces. Rather than bombard us with tracks, she offers just enough to entertain and make us yearn for more.

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