Inayah Unexpectedly Finds Love In A Hopeless Place On ‘Most Girlz’

Photo Credit: Inayah/YouTube

We know Houston songstress Inayah for being brash and sassy on tracks like “Suga Daddy” and “Peaches.” However, the singer can just as effectively showcase a softer, more romantic side. She does just that with the release of her latest single “Most Girlz.”

The song starts with gentle piano as Inayah lays out her innermost thoughts about the relationship and her own doubts about herself. Though she might be flawed, her partner still stays steadfast by her side, a fact that shows just how true his heart is.

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“‘Cause most girlz don’t find love in the city / I thought that I would lose these flaws / But I never really did it,” she sings earnestly on the song. “And you keep lovin’ me harder / You keep lovin’ me harder / I keep putting you in positions that should make you want to leave / But you just keep / You keep lovin’ me harder.”

The theme is carried through to the video, which features mainly solo scenes of Inayah as she processes her thoughts. We do get glimpses of her coupled up with her boo, though. Watching the quiet power of their love in the intimate scenes makes it evident that, even if she has doubts, he finds her more than worthy of his devotion.

“‘Most Girlz’ is a story of transparency about how we juggle our deepest insecurities without realizing that there’s someone in our life that will love us through it! Often, we’re so settled into our flaws that the love surrounding us goes unnoticed,” Inayah said in a statement about the single.

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Listen to “Most Girlz” when you press play and then hop below to watch its simple yet moving video.

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