DUCKWRTH & Syd Make It A Sexy Night To Remember In 'Ce Soir'

Photo Credit: DUCKWRTH/YouTube

DUCKWRTH is known for having a flair for the visual, with many of his videos being full-out productions. This year, however, he's gone a bit simpler on the video front but still has managed to wow. It started with the stylish clip for "Power Power" and it continues with a rather sexy video for his most recent single "Ce Soir."

For "Ce Soir," director Mancy Gant takes us to an undisclosed place at dusk, with a hint of the still-setting sun lighting the lower portion of the sky. The location isn't as important as the mood the scenery sets, with the lighting giving everything a sexy glow that implies the steaminess to ensue.

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DUCKWRTH is the first to pop up on the screen quite literally just as the beat drops so he can spit his freaky game while also showing quite a bit of skin for the camera while showing off some smooth moves. Soon after, featured guest Syd arrives on the scene in a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon to allow DUCKWRTH and the video's vixen to steam up the windows in the backseat during her verse.

The clip then ends with our man DUCKWORTH riding off into the night on a motorcycle as the seemingly nude vixen clings to him and Syd follows, the lights from her car the only thing illuminating the path.

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"Ce Soir" isn't the most conventional clip, but damn if it doesn't all look good. Get ready for a wild ride as you press play below.

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