Drake Shows Us Just How 'Sticky' & Luxurious His Life Can Get

Photo Credit: Drake/YouTube

Before Beyoncé kicked in the door waving the disco ball with her RENAISSANCE, Drake decided to throw his hat in the dancerie with his unexpected album Honestly, Nevermind back in June. The set rocketed to the top of the charts despite receiving mixed reviews since its release, but one can't deny that the album has jams. That includes the single "Sticky," which Drake recently gave the video treatment.

"Sticky" is pretty much a typical video for the rapper. There's no narrative connecting the disparate scenes shown in the clip, but there is one theme: opulence. It opens with Drake on tour ripping the stage for a sold-out crowd alongside Lil Baby before the thumping kick drum of the song drops in to shake speakers.

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From there, we see the rapper living his best life. That includes catching flights on private planes, chartered boats, partying alongside Future and other friends and expensive dinners. But that's only the tip of it all, as Drake keeps the party going while showing an off-road Maybach designed by late designer Virgil Abloh before the clip cuts to even more scenes of clubs, boats, international trips and the luxe life that the rapper gets to experience every day.

Aubrey Graham might be on a new sound these days, but it looks like he's still the same ol' Drake — not that there's anything wrong with that. Watch him live the lavish life in "Sticky" when you press play below.

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