DOMi & JD BECK Are In Full Bloom For NPR Music's 'Tiny Desk Concert' Series

Photo Credit: NPR Music/YouTube

When it comes to jazz's new school, new arrivals DOMi & JD BECK have been the talk of the town. The first artists on out on Anderson .Paak's record label, the drummer-and-pianist duo brought a refreshing take on modern jazz when their debut album NOT TiGHT dropped a couple weeks back. The twosome is now in promo mode, and their latest stop is at NPR Music to take part in the revered Tiny Desk Concert series.

While artists from many genres have taken part in the tradition, the intimate setting has always been perfect for jazz artists as it allows them to show off their chops while entertaining the audience. DOMi & JD BECK, surrounded by all kinds of flowers covering the space around them, waste no time in doing so as they jump into their debut's title track at the very start of the concert. The song's breakneck pace allows each a chance to flex their respective skills in an impressive way while providing a great introduction for those not in the know.

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From there, they head into their single "SMiLE." The song, which introduced many to the group, is played with a carefree feel that kept the audience enraptured until its finish. The duo then go into "U DON'T HAVE TO ROB ME," which is the first time they have ever played the song for an audience. The song was inspired by a real-life situation in which DOMi was robbed, and the lyrics reflect the thoughts going through one's head in such a situation. While we're sure it was harrowing, the light feel of their playing and the bubbly attitude they have about it make the song a fun moment.

Closing out the set is the instrumental track "WHATUP." It's short but very sweet, giving the audience one last look at and listen to DOMi & JD BECK's incredible talents.

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It's pretty clear that this duo has next when it comes to jazz and possibly beyond. See for yourself when you press play.

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