DIXSON & Sevyn Streeter Find The Right Formula In 'CHERRY SORBET'

Photo Credit: DIXSON/YouTube

Earlier this year, we were tempted and teased by singers DIXSON and Sevyn Streeter when they dropped their collaboration "CHERRY SORBET." The tasty musical treat was just what we needed to get our hot and steamy summer started off right. Now that the summer is beginning to wind down, the twosome returns to show off their chemistry in the song's video.

Rather than take us to a cliché sexy location, the duo plays researchers in an office setting. While what kind of research they're doing is never explained, it seems to be something scientific as mathematic formulas, beakers and computer models are shown throughout. But what's really showcased is the chemistry between DIXSON and Sevyn Streeter.

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The twosome flirt, wink and get close to each other throughout the clip as the song's blatant innuendo lingers between the two of them. Surprisingly, with all this sexual tension, the clip is actually rather chaste. Them getting between the sheets is only implied, with the clip ending with them in a posed embrace for the camera.

"CHERRY SORBET" is actually the lead single for DIXSON's recently announced project 004DAISY, which is set to drop on September 16th. With only a few short weeks to go before the set's arrival, we can only imagine that he's got more in store. While we wait on that, watch DIXSON and Sevyn Streeter test the hypothesis of their attraction in "CHERRY SORBET" when you press play.

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