DESTIN CONRAD Forgets About His Current Situation & Turns Up At The 'DAY PARTY'

Photo Credit: DESTIN CONRAD/Twitter

This is turning out to be a banner year for R&B. Many artists are stepping up their game and coming into their own, and you can count singer-songwriter DESTIN CONRAD in that number. After a pair of successful collaborations with Mack Keane and ESTA. on “O.M.L.” and Kiana Ledé on the ballad “UNPREDICTABLE,” he returns to our playlists with his latest single "DAY PARTY."

DESTIN teams up with another artist on the come-up, talented New Orleans-bred singer-songwriter Ambré, on "DAY PARTY." She helped to co-produce the song with Louie Lastic, and her voice can be heard on supporting vocals.

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The song, co-written by CONRAD, Alexander Ben-Adballah and India Perkins, begins with DESTIN's heavily synthesized voice over some faint chords. He sounds like he's underwater as he prays to God to help him through the struggle before he starts singing. He lets us know what it is when he shares the lyrics, "Sometimes it’s so hard / To speak from the heart / S**t could always get harder, harder."

The tempo switches up and beat drops in when Ambré joins him on the verse and makes it clear that the short-term solution is to turn up. "I just let it be / I just wanna party, wanna smoke a lil’ tree / Always keep a dime, only 10s on me / Yeah, you know me, oh," she sings before he closes out the verse. Throughout the song, they share the verses and alternate singing the chorus, which works well, as their voices play well together.

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DESTIN CONRAD embodies that feeling of needing to put your problems to the side and find a release – even if it's a temporary one – on "DAY PARTY." We can surely relate. Listen to "DAY PARTY" below, and catch DESTIN on tour with Kehlani right now on her sold-out Blue Water Road Trip Tour.

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