Chlöe Gives Fans A 'Surprise (Unplugged)' Remix & Cover Of Adina Howard's 'Freak Like Me' For Spotify Singles

Photo Credit: Jacob Webster

Chlöe began the summer on fire with her steamy single "Surprise," and she continues to fan the flames as seasons change. She keeps that same enticing energy with an acoustic remix of the song for Spotify Singles and raises the stakes (and heart rates) with a cover of Adina Howard's 1995 hit "Freak Like Me."

On "Surprise (Unplugged)," Chlöe strips the song all the way down. Accompanied by only piano and finger snaps, her pristine vocals are on full display on both lead and backgrounds. Whether full-on belting or rapping with a sing-songy flow, Chlöe makes light work of the track. This softer take somehow manages to make "Surprise" sound even sexier.

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Chlöe's "Freak Like Me" remake follows her live performance of the song at the BET Awards '22 in June. She weaved the track into her jaw-dropping set, blending it into "Surprise" before segueing into "Treat Me."

For this recorded version, Chlöe begins by adding a bit of Silk's 1992 classic "Freak Me" into the mix. She whispers to her lover, "Freak me, baby," a refrain repeated throughout the song. Unlike Adina Howard, Chlöe doesn't want to freak her man on the dance floor; this rendezvous is a meeting in her bedroom. With a tempo change, slinkier instrumentation and Chlöe's breathy delivery, this cover is solidly in slow jam territory and can stand on its own next to the original.

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Chlöe continues to impress and prove that she's got the range. Although we're still waiting for her debut album to come to fruition, this tasty two-piece from Spotify Singles is a welcome appetizer.

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