bLAck pARty Rides Out & Reflects In 'I Love You More Than You Know' Featuring Childish Gambino

Photo Credit: bLAck pARty/YouTube

Right on the heels of releasing his newest album, HummingbirdbLAck pARty drops the latest visuals for the album’s closer, “I Love You More Than You Know” featuring Childish Gambino.

The clip matches the song’s dreamy vibes as it opens with a sweeping, aerial shot of the multi-hyphenate artist cruising down the Pacific coastline in a classic convertible before switching to bLAck pARty alone and singing in his bedroom.

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Drenched in sunlight, the Malik Flint and Manny Singh-directed video feels both warm and contemplative as we follow along. While Childish Gambino doesn’t appear physically, his Andre 3000-esque verse provides the backdrop as bLAck pARty glances through old photographs and continues his drive, seemingly in search of something – or someone.

Although he begins his journey alone, he’s joined on the beach by his love. The transcendent feel continues as the two frolic on the beach, the ocean so blinding in the background that at times the couple appears to be floating amongst the clouds.

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Their party for two gives way to a family of three as we next see the pair playing with a baby by the video’s end, that love that he once held for his lady growing twofold. As always, bLAck pARty’s video sets the perfect stage to deliver his message of love through all of its stages while reminding us that happiness might just be a short ride away.

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