Bellah Tries To Resist Temptation While Living 'In The Moment'

Photo Credit: Bellah/YouTube

We’ve all been there – drawn to someone who raises all of your red flags, yet for some reason, you just can’t stay away. That’s the predicament singer Bellah finds herself in on her latest single “In The Moment” and its accompanying video.

Produced by Sensi Bueno, the British singer tries her best to resist giving in to temptation on "In The Moment." The song opens with Bellah singing the refrain, “You’re a bad idea,” a phrase that she repeats throughout. She clearly knows the best decision to make but that doesn’t stop her body from wanting what it wants.

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“Right person, wrong time / Don’t ask how I feel, I’ma lie / Why’d I have to meet you in my prime? / Now we can only do it in my mind / When I realized the danger, I let it go / But now we’re getting real acquainted / It’s getting complicated,” she sings over Sensei’s drum-fueled track. The song’s uptempo beat belies the fact that Bellah is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

That “want-what-you-can’t-have” theme is carried over into the music video, directed by Ray Fiasco. The clip, much like her “Prototype” music video, has a throwback feel that harkens back to the late ‘90s/early 2000s era as Bellah and a male dancer go toe-to-toe before she’s joined by a backing group of dancers.

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Interspersed in between the dancing is a slo-mo sequence that finds the singer decked out in gold with a sun-like face mask as she slowly closes the distance between herself and that glaring red flag she can’t seem to resist. As the two get closer, they are surrounded by flurries falling from the sky. As he reaches out to touch her, he literally dims her light as the two seemingly turn to the stone.

Though the ending is far from the fairy tale ending of a love story, Bellah finds a fresh way to tell a story as old as time. Get caught up "In The Moment" with Bellah below.

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