Ari Lennox & Summer Walker Are Selective About Who They Welcome Into Their 'Queen Space'

Photo Credit: Shaughn Cooper | Bdot Wilkins

Today's R&B girls are all about collaboration not competition. We love to see it because that just means more duets for us! Two singers who are no strangers to working well with others and making beautiful music together are Ari Lennox and Summer Walker. After previously combining their talents on "Unloyal" from Summer's 2021 album Still Over It, the ladies reunite on "Queen Space" for Ari's upcoming age/sex/location album.

Lennox and Walker let the men they're dealing with know in no uncertain terms to get on their level or leave them alone. Ari is first on the mic to make it clear that she's not just anybody. "There's something I am sure of / I deserve something purer / My love is a privilege," she sings on her verse about her high value.

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Ari proceeds to inform that she doesn't have time for silly games when it comes to love on the chorus. "So, don't waste my queen space / True elevation, when I let you taste / Let is rearrange the way you think / True elevation, when I let you taste," she sings, trying to upgrade his life for the better.

Summer breezes through for the second verse, which she absolutely bodies. She lets her beau know that she knows what's good for him. It's her, but only if he acts accordingly. "You know what's real, but / You have no idea / I know you want me to be your sweet escape," she purrs.

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The duo sum up "Queen Space" on the bridge when Ari sings the lyric, "Come correct or disappear." Lennox and Walker sound amazing together sharing this sweet but spicy message over production by Dre Pickney, Elite and Ron Gilmore behind the boards.

Listen to Ari Lennox and Summer Walker duet for the culture when you press play on "Queen Space" below and memorize the lyrics when you peep the lyric video. Ari's age/sex/location will be released on Friday, September 9th and is currently available for pre-save/pre-order.

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