Afrojack & Black V Neck Team With Muni Long To Make Us Dance All 'Day N Night'

Photo Credit: Universal Music Group

Dance music seems to be the moment. The genre has never left, but it's back front and center in the mainstream as two of the biggest artists in the world just dove headfirst into it while exploring its many subgenres on their latest chart-topping albums. If there were a moment to ever strike while the iron is hot, this is it and Afrojack and Black V Neck are ready with their new Muni Long-featuring single "Day N Night."

"Day N Night" taps into house vibes with a bit of EDM mixed in for good measure as the GRAMMY-winning producer and house music duo craft a jam that's sure to get the blood pumping and feet moving. Hi-hats sing out from the very beginning of the track as a synth melody and programmed drums set the song's pace and tone. Muni Long, on the other hand, ditches her more sultry style of singing to deliver a much more pop-friendly vocal that rides the beat as she sings of her desire for her lover.

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"I want you like all the time / You're my ride or die / Yeah, you're my slime," she sings. "I want you forever, boo / 'Cause I really love you / You know that I do." The chorus drives the point home, though, as she gets more repetitive but still gives us the same urgent sense of need as she sings, "I want you with me day and night / Your body day and night / I need it day and night."

This kind of sound might be new for fans of Muni Long, but she fits in perfectly as Afrojack and Black V Neck craft something that plays to her strengths while giving us yet another dance floor filler to move to as summer begins to wind down. Listen to "Day N Night" when you press play below.

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