Yuna Is Ready To 'Risk It All' As She Releases 'Y3'

Photo Credit: Yuna/YouTube

Yuna promised us a series of EPs this year and the singer-songwriter is delivering. So far, we've gotten Y1 and Y2 along with visuals to accompany them. Now the singer has released the third installment, Y3, just in time to bask in the vibes of summer. She's also capturing that summertime feel with a video for the EP's single "Risk It All."

"Risk It All" is already a bright and sunny track thanks to airy production and Yuna's wistful lyrics about risking it all to be with the one she loves. She and hubby Adam Sinclair translate that sun-soaked guitar into visual form by placing her among nature and letting the singer do her thing.

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Yuna looks positively radiant as she sits among the flowers basking in the light. And even when the camera shifts indoors, the sunlight finds her no matter where she is. Her playful energy is also on display as the singer gets cozy with her cats and gets goofy with the video's many props all while keeping a beaming smile on her face.

"Risk It All" accompanies two other new songs — "Don't Wanna Know" and "Summer Love" — on Y3 and would make the perfect soundtrack to any potential summer fling (especially those that have a possibility of blooming into something more). Catch Yuna's infectious sunny disposition when you watch the video for "Risk It All" below and stick around to stream Y3 in its entirety.

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