Tortured Soul Can See That 'Your Body Doesn't Lie'

Photo Credit: Tortured Soul/Facebook

House music has been trending lately thanks to new tunes from Drake and Beyoncé, but the beloved genre is more than a trend. There are numerous artists who aren't new to it but true to it, such as the group Tortured Soul. Just in time for House Music Summer, the soulful house legends are back with a new single entitled “Your Body Doesn’t Lie.”

The sexy groove opens with spirited horns, summoning listeners straight to the dance floor. Meanwhile, frontman John-Christian Urich spits his best game to convince his secret lover to take a chance. While the forbidden pair have managed to keep things under wraps for some time, it seems the fire burning between the two has erupted into a raging inferno. Though the road to forever might be a messy one, Urich is confident in his position as he sings, “Hey girl, your body doesn’t lie / It’s telling me that I’m your guy / And when I’m dancing here with you / I know the truth, baby, yes I do and so do you.”  

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This new release comes in the form of an EP comprised of the original track, an instrumental and three remixes. Urich began his discerning search for collaborators with a review of South African producers, which is how he uncovered the work of FKa Mash. After all, such a feat can’t be trusted to just anyone.‎ He says he was “struck by his sound” and notes, “‎Lucky for me, he was down and created a really gripping remix.”‎

Gripping is right, as Mash’s mixes immerse us into the deep house realm, giving a slightly darker energy than the original. Having been a fan of Atjazz’s work, reaching out to him for a remix was a no-brainer for TS. True to form, the British DJ/producer speeds things up a bit and puts an intoxicating, jazzy spin on the track.  ‎ 

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Clear some dance floor space before you press play below to listen to Tortured Soul’s Your Body Doesn’t Lie EP. Make sure to stretch first so that you don't pull anything. If you love what you hear, add the project to your collection from your preferred digital music platform.

If you haven’t already, check out Tortured Soul's 20th Anniversary Album, which was released in the fall of last year and includes a mix of hits and unreleased gems. Continuing in the spirit of giving the fans what they want, they also threw in a few remixes and two live recordings from their 2020 performance at Little Big Beat Studios in Liechtenstein onto the project.

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