Tink Is Feeling Stupid In Love On 'Goofy'

Photo Credit: Tink/YouTube

Tink has been putting on the pressure as she leads up to the release of her new album Pillow Talk. Back in May, she and 2 Chainz reimagined Destiny's Child with her single "Cater." Now the songstress and producer Hitmaka build on the groove from 702's classic "Get It Together" with her latest single "Goofy."

"Goofy" is all about Tink being dumbstruck and d**kmatized by a guy who, at the end of the day, doesn't have her best interest at heart. Unfortunately, she realizes this but just can't seem to leave him alone.

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"I guess it's different 'cause that d**k got me goofy / Halfway past stupid / And this fool got me foolish / What the f**k am I doin'?" she sings in anguish on the chorus. "I guess that d**k got me goofy / Halfway past stupid / I'm so f**kin' ruined and there ain't nothin' I'm doin' about it."

The song's video takes the story to the next level. Tink amplifies her sexy as she performs for the camera in lacy red lingerie and she sings about her situation. Juxtaposed with this display are scenes of her serial cheating man and the drama that's going on between them. Through all the ups, downs and arguments in between, Tink always finds her way back to him to her own detriment.

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"Filming the video was a dope experience," Tink said in a statement about the song. "I shot it in my hometown, Chicago. And my main goal was to keep it all the way 100. In the video, you'll see me going through some real s**t. Being cheated on, being left at the doctor's office pregnant and alone…it's just very real and raw. The video is a peek into what many of us go through in our relationships...that's why I love it so much. It's honest."

Allow Tink to give you a cautionary tale about being foolish in love when you listen to "Goofy" and watch its video below. Pillow Talk is set to arrive on August 19th.

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