THEY. Get Very 'Comfortable' With Fana Hues

Photo Credit: Jacob Bzowski

LA duo Dante Jones and Andrew "Drew Love" Neely, collectively known as THEY., return with a sexy single perfect for summer. This time, they team up with Pasadena songbird Fana Hues for a tale of the undeniable attraction between lovers entitled “Comfortable.” 

Though neither party saw it coming, the chemistry between them can no longer be ignored on “Comfortable.” Drew Love shoots his shot over the laidback groove declaring, “I'm gon' show you somethin' better than your wildest dreams.” Fana then takes the reigns and returns his energy on her verse. “I'll make the rules / We can't be rushing a beautiful thing / No, come get a clue / Timing is everything, over this way,” she softly sings. 

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This latest offering introduces a slightly different sound from what fans of THEY. are used to. There’s a hint of nostalgia that emanates from both the track and the Priya Minhas-directed visual, as we watch the trio steal away for a bit of private time during a lively house party.

THEY. explain, “‘Comfortable’ brings out that undeniable smooth R&B energy we’ve always loved but is sonically a different vibe for us. Inspired by the essence of vintage 80’s sports cars and that era of sophistication, we wanted to make something that you could envision yourself listening to in an Alfa Romeo or a 300zx that still had that R&B feel to it.” They add that Fana’s sultry vocals, “added the sparkle the song needed to take it over the top.” 

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We're feeling this collaboration and hope it's not the last time that THEY. and Fana Hues connect. "Comfortable" is THEY.'s second single of the year after dropping "Blü Moon" in May, so at the very least it appears as if the fellas have a new project in the works. While we speculate, listen to “Comfortable” and watch the music video below then add the track to your summer playlists from your preferred digital music platform.

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