Steve Lacy & Fousheé Can't Seem To Shake Each Other On 'Sunshine'

Photo Credit: Steve Lacy/YouTube

Steve Lacy has been giving us hints about what he's got in store on his upcoming album Gemini Rights thanks to his singles "Mercury" and "Bad Habit" and their accompanying videos. With the album's release imminent, the artist is giving us one more precursory sample with his latest single "Sunshine" and its video.

Steve goes the duet route for "Sunshine," inviting previous collaborator Fousheé — whom he spent some time with on the cover of her single "double standard" and in its visualizer — to help him tell the story of on-again-off-again lovers caught up in a romantic cycle.

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Steve strums his guitar as he sets up the story on the song's opening verse and reveals his residual feelings, singing, "Been a couple months since I told you, 'It's over' / Caught me off guard when I saw you last week / Oh so tough, but you bluffed when you had me / Sayin' 'My ex' like my name ain't Steve."

Fousheé isn't too far from Steve's mark as she lets him know that she hasn't been quite able to shake her feelings for him as well. "I took the high road, do it through every word / Is it still that special if the whole world has owned? / And you always chasin', you can't replace it," she sings. "Put those feelings back where they came from / Why can't we just get along? Or, at least, let's get it on?"

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The song's video continues the aesthetic of the previous videos Steve has released thus far, with him and his band performing in white dress shirts with a black "S" emblazoned on the front. However, the viewer soon realizes that wires connected to Steve extend far up into the sky. The camera pans up to show Fousheé perched in a harness many feet above them. As the video progresses, Steve soon lifts into the sky to join her and the two duet in the sky as their feet dangle over the scene below.

Based on what we've heard, Gemini Rights will be quite the listen when it drops this Friday (July 15th). Check out Steve Lacy and Fousheé's "Sunshine" in both audio and visual form when you press play below.

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