'Life Is Good' According To SiR & Scribz Riley

Photo Credit: SiR/Twitter

Now that summer is in full swing, everyone is all about the good times and good living. Of course, that also means that we want a soundtrack to match. Leave it to SiR to come through with a song that perfectly matches that summertime feeling with his latest single "Life Is Good."

"Life Is Good" captures that sun-soaked summer vibe thanks to a lilting guitar melody juxtaposed with well-paced drums that keep things coasting alongside the singer-songwriter's voice and dreamy backing vocals.

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On the verses, SiR describes his idea of a good time, singing, "Life is good, ayy, car fast as f**k / Ain't got pulled over once while I was actin' up / Hundred-twenty while I'm headed to Sonoma / I ain't turnin' down no fades / No I don't need any soldiers, ayy, ayy." On the chorus, he keeps it simple as he lets his girl know that can do whatever they want.

Featured guest Scribz Riley is all about the positivity on his verse, as well. While he does make mention of problems in the past, he's all about rising status in the present, singing, "Ain't no way that we 'bout to slow down / They ain't know who I was but they know now."

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As positive as the vibes are on the song, though, things take a dark and tumultuous turn in the song's video. SiR takes on a gangster persona rivaling that of Robert De Niro in Casino as he lives the good life with his lady by his side. Just as in that movie, though, the relationship sours due to SiR's wandering eye and eventually becomes the crooner's downfall. The whole story is told dramatically throughout the clip's three-minute runtime and is sure to have you on the edge of your seat until its explosive climax.

SiR has already revealed that a new album is on the way though he has yet to reveal exactly when that will be. But if "Life Is Good" and his previous single "Satisfaction" are any indication, something good is in store whenever it arrives. Check out a stream of "Life Is Good" and its cinematic visual when you press play below.

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