sectiontoo Wants To Make A Memorable Moment Last On 'Til The Sun'

Photo Credit: Rafael Vasconcelos

Summertime is upon us, and the temperatures are rising across the world. Despite that humid feeling in the air, the season still makes us want to move as we bask in the golden rays. NYC-based rising star sectiontoo taps into that feeling and gives us a soundtrack to move to with his newest single "Til The Sun."

sectiontoo teams with constant collaborator identite crisis, who gives him a bright, radiant soundbed full of distorted guitar and percolating drums that evoke the feel of the sunny season perfectly. sectiontoo, meanwhile, uses his time to paint a picture of a summer fling that could be something more.

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"Let's make it last 'til the sun / The night is waiting for us / Love until the morning comes," he sings on the chorus. "Let's make it last 'til the sun / No nothing lasts forever / When all is said and done."

Though he knows this is a limited-time affair, he wants to make the most of the now. Perhaps that's why he's so smooth with his game on the verses, making sure to shower his love interest with praise and sincerity in order to convince her to come along. He has one last trick up his sleeve to seal the deal at the song's end, slowing things down to a hazy pace that provides an unexpected finish to the track.

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sectiontoo might not be a household name yet, but "Til The Sun" shows why he deserves a spot on your playlist this summer and for many more summers to come. Take a listen to the song when you press play.

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