Russell Taylor Wants To See What You've Got On 'Show Me'

Photo Credit: Russell Taylor/Twitter

We've known singer-songwriter Russell Taylor as the heartfelt balladeer whose songs took us to introspective valleys and romantic highs. Lately, though, it seems that our boy has taken an interest in turning us on, and we honestly aren't too mad about it. He started this libidinous kick with the sexy groove of his 2020 single "Come Morning" and followed that thrill with the forbidden taste of "Cherry." Now he's getting straight to the point with his new track "Show Me."

"Show Me" continues the flirtation with a newer sound for Russell, this time playing around with an electronic soundscape that features zooming synth and a steady kick drum thump. The sparse arrangement allows quite a bit of space for his voice to play, and he takes advantage with an aggressive vocal as he gets direct about what he wants.

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He keeps it sweet yet forward on the verse, but it's the hook and chorus where his desire oozes forth. "I'm stuck in a vibe / It's just you and I / I can take you high / Make you come alive," he sings. "Let me take control / Show you where to go / See it in your eyes / Don't f**kin' hide, just show me."

Before we even have a chance to blush or catch our breath, the song moves forward with a rush of rhythms and airy backing vocals that can easily get someone caught up in his groove.

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We don't know what's gotten into Russell Taylor, but he's definitely got us all hot and bothered with this one. Hear what we mean when you press play and allow RT to take the lead.

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