Rose Gold Confronts Herself On 'Addicted'

Photo Credit: Virisa Yong

It's been a minute since we've gotten new music from Rose Gold, who released the gorgeous single "Soon As You Get Home" in late 2020. With an angelic voice such as hers, though, that span of time is entirely too long. Thankfully, the Bounce-Worthy singer-songwriter and Soulection signee has officially returned to bless fans with not only a new single entitled "Addicted" but a music video as well.

Rose Gold gets real on “Addicted,” checking herself and her unhealthy attachments. She exposes the woman in the mirror from the first verse. "I got a habit / Sometimes it’s hard to break, yeah / I’m trying to stay away / Trying hard not to break / It’s easier said than done / I’m already gone in my mind," she admits in full transparency. She sounds near her wits' end when she sings, "I hear my mama like / Why am I not f**king perfect? / Why can’t I kick this s**t? / I think I'm addicted." 

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She is going through it in the lyrics, but the song itself is a surprisingly upbeat jam. Rose’s golden smooth vocals glide over bass, keys, a crisp drumbeat, strings and record scratches that give the song a hip-hop soul swing. The track is ready-made for you to bust a move whether it's a head nod, shoulder bop, two-step or full out choreography.

Although the song makes us want to cut a rug, the "Addicted" visual is a more chill affair. Directed by TT The Artist and produced by Sahar Habibi, it's giving black elegance with Rose and her band dressed to the nines for a live performance at the prestigious El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

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The video starts with a shot of the marquis that reads “Soulection Presents Rose Gold Addicted” before we're taken inside the venue. The scene switches to a tight view of our leading lady, as her team puts the finishing touches on her hair and makeup just before she hits the stage. She joins her band in prayer before we see her take a sip of brown liquor to try to calm her nerves. 

Gold appears on stage and looks stunning dressed in a black gown that contrasts with her white fur coat and black durag covering her hair. Members of her band – drummer Tatum Flemister, keyboardist Pierre Jamerson, bass player Trey Graves and viola players Jeremy Green and Drew Ford – are suited and booted, and the audience is well dressed and thoroughly enjoying the performance.

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As the video's credits begin to roll, we hear a voiceover of Rose singing to outro music from the classic sitcom Moesha as she changes into more comfortable attire (including Timberlands and a Soulection sweatsuit). She leaves the theater with a bouquet of flowers in her hand and is ushered into a black SUV by a driver, savoring the night she just had. 

Rose Gold's “Addicted” is a whole vibe, but we expected nothing less from her. She consistently comes through, and we cannot wait to hear what she does next, especially with her being a part of the Soulection family. The single includes a cappella and instrumental versions, which indicate that remixes may be on the horizon. Get into Rose Gold's latest groove when you listen to the “Addicted” audio and watch its video below.

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