Ro James & Miguel Are Better Late Than Never With Visual For 'Too Much'

Photo Credit: Ro James/YouTube

Two years have passed since Ro James dropped his sophomore LP Mantic, so you'd be forgiven if you thought that the singer-songwriter was done with the promotion for the set. Unbeknownst to us, he still has more up his sleeve as he's returned to drop a visual for his Miguel collaboration "Too Much."

The fellas take us to the desert in the Daps-directed clip (something about the desert is apparently the vibe for celebrities this summer) as they give us a hazy, sun-drenched spectacle. They spend the majority of the video going around in circles (literally) with two beauties as the day wears on.

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Things aren't that straightforward, though, as the narrative isn't what's important here. The video is all about the style. That's why it's full of quick cuts, grainy vintage filters and shots that go in and out of focus on a whim. The sun eventually goes down, allowing them to introduce colored lights from the tricked-out Mustang that they've been kicking up dust with.

Why did Ro James decide to wait more than two years to revisit "Too Much" with a video? Who knows. But the clip is a welcome reminder of how nice of a song it is and how many gems Mantic contained. Watch the video below and then do yourself a favor by revisiting Mantic on your streaming service of choice.

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