RL Sings The Praises Of Natural Beauty In 'No Filter'

Photo Credit: RL/Facebook

Last year, RL was all about collaboration. He joined Donell Jones, Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister and Jacquees on the song "Karma (Remix)," which he also wrote and produced, and he was tapped by producer Double AA to lend his vocals to his track "Time." This year, however, the lifetime member of the group Next refocuses on himself and his career, and he's returned on the solo tip with the new single "No Filter."

Written, produced and arranged by the prolific artist, "No Filter" is a love letter to natural beauty. RL serenades his lady, letting her know that although he likes to see her made up and looking fly, he loves her in her natural state. "With no weave in, no lashes on and foundation / I still think you look so amazing," he assures his lover on the mid-tempo number.

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"You don't need nothing extra / Baby, it gets no better / You apply all the pressure / With no filters," he croons on the chorus, referring to the infinite amount of appearance-changing filters on apps and the fact that she doesn't need any of them. She's perfect as-is. In case his woman needed a confidence boost, this song provides it.

Trust and believe that there are more R&B bops where "No Filter" came from. According to RL on Instagram, "This is just the appetizer...I've been cooking!" We definitely can't wait to hear the fruit of his labor when he's ready to share the next course. Until that time, dig into "No Filter" right here.

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