Muni Long & Saweetie Get Colorful While Looking For Mr. Right In 'Baby Boo'

Photo Credit: Muni Long/YouTube

Muni Long continues to cement herself as a force in the current musical landscape. Her latest EP, Public Displays Of Affection Too, follows up the success she found in the wake of her massive hit "Hrs And Hrs" and has its own jams to bop to. That includes the Saweetie-featuring single "Baby Boo," which has now gotten a fun video treatment.

The video opens with the songstress chilling to the sounds of "Hrs And Hrs" while swiping through dating app BLK (one of the many product placements featured in this video). The clip then goes Day-Glo bright pink as the opening chant of "Baby Boo" rings out.

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From there, we're taken to Muni and her girls dancing in front of a snack truck manned by a very attractive fella (who happens to be the singer's real-life hubby). She makes sure to flirt up a storm, running her long nails all over him while making sure to give some screen time to Ciroc Summer Citrus (another placement).

Saweetie pops up to play a little strip one-on-one basketball with her potential boo in a bright green room. Before things get too hot and heavy, though, we're quickly transported to a step show where teams of ladies and men show off for both Saweetie and Muni, who are judging the competition. Muni doesn't allow them the spotlight for too long, though, as she steps onto the stage to give us the song's final notes before the video's end.

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The clip for "Baby Boo" is just as cute as Muni Long and Saweetie themselves and is a fun watch. See what we mean when you press play below.

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