Muni Long Comes Through On ‘Public Displays Of Affection Too’

Photo Credit: Muni Long/Instagram

If Muni Long’s music career were a stock, we would all be buying it right now. Her career trajectory is pointing straight up, and her ascent continues with her new EP, Public Displays Of Affection Too. This release builds on the release of her previous EP, the game-changing Public Displays Of Affection, released in late 2021.

The EP includes five songs – three previously released singles (“Another,” “Pain” and “Baby Boo”) and two new tracks (“Crack” and “Cartier”).  The songs on this project tackle issues most of us deal with in our own relationships and feature clever lyrics and Muni’s smooth vocals and endearing style. 

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“Another” kicks the EP off and is an attempt by Muni to get her man to step up and treat her right, and she uses the threat of other suitors to get him to get in line. She hasn’t given up on the relationship yet, but she is close to issuing that pink slip. 

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Long does just that in “Pain” where she describes in excruciating detail the emotions she felt during the relationship. She wishes those same feelings on her ex now that she has changed and decided to move on. 

Muni is known for slow to mid-tempo R&B love songs, but she decides to change it up a little bit for “Baby Boo,” which comes in at the mid-point of the EP. She teams up with rapper Saweetie to make a fun, uptempo song that pays homage to her Florida roots and the Miami bass music sound that originated there. On the track, she goes all in to convince someone she has had an eye on to hook up with her. 

After catching the attention of her “Baby Boo,” Muni fires a warning shot to her potential beau on the song “Crack.” She lets him know that her love is not something he can resist, so he better be sure he’s serious. She equates her love to the highly addictive illicit drug on the mid-tempo track driven by a bass synthesizer. Muni pulls no punches when she sings, “Steady actin’ like you want it / I done gave you plenty warnings / F**ked around and let you taste my gushy / And now you actin’ like you never had good p***y.” 

The final song on Public Displays Of Affection Too is “Cartier,” which finds Muni trying to gauge whether her love interest is pursuing her for her body or true love and she has no problem informing him that her affections have a price tag and doesn’t come cheap. “They say love don’t cost a thing / But I don’t even know what that means,” she quips on the second verse then breaks it down on the pre-chorus. “But if you want my body, babe, it’s a price you gotta pay / It’s either with your heart or with your credit card, and I love Cartier.” 

Muni delivers her verses over a subdued beat, supported by a mellow guitar riff and minimal bassline. Once she gets to the chorus, the drum beat drops, livening the song up considerably as Muni professes her love for Cartier’s expensive jewelry. 

As the name implies, Muni views Public Displays Of Affection Too as an extension of her previous EP. The songs either deal with unhappiness in a current relationship or managing expectations when approaching a potential new one with clever lyrics and solid R&B throughout.

Muni Long has paid her dues in the music industry and along the way has contributed to the success of others, so we are ecstatic that she is now getting the recognition and success she so deserves.

Muni Long Public Displays Of Affection Too [Apple Music][Amazon][TIDAL]

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