KIRBY Offers Us A Refreshing Taste Of Her 'Pineapple Cognac'

Photo Credit: Ito Visuals

If you've been paying attention, this summer has been all about upping the bpm as everyone and their mama is dipping their toe into the dance music waters. While we certainly aren't mad at getting our dance on in the warmer months, we also don't mind slowing down the pace a little, either. Our girl KIRBY comes through on that front with the release of her new song "Pineapple Cognac."

The "New D" singer delivers a throwback slice of '70s soul with her usual bold and honest lyrics. "Baby, you gotta stop f**kin with these basic hoes," she sings so sweet you barely notice the bite of the words. "Mmm, they care more 'bout a picture than they do their souls."

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She continues the verses proving why you need to drop everyone else you're dealing with to make her your priority, singing on the chorus, "I got pineapple cognac / Yoga and squats in the morning / Baby, eat the fruit like he vegan / Alkaline love for the weekend."

While KIRBY's vocal is enough to sell anyone on the track, what really makes it sparkle is the musical arrangement. It's full of gentle touches of keys, guitar, harp and layered vocals that make the experience downright dreamy as the songstress invites us into the bliss that can be had if we let her have her way.

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It's nice to know that after the party is over, KIRBY has some soft and supple sounds for us to slip into. Get a sip of her latest musical concoction when you listen to "Pineapple Cognac" below.

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